Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond


Beyond. I saw the weekly challenge and felt it fit this blog perfectly. This blog could be held firmly in the word “beyond.” In fact, beyond is a word that resonates in my soul. It’s going beyond my comfort zone, what I understand, what I know and what I am familiar with to find the world’s true treasures in the form of beautiful places, food, history and most importantly people, that prompted the creation of this blog. 

I took this photo when I was in Italy. I don’t know exactly where but it was in Rome, near the Vatican. What pushed me to chose this photo is that beyond the walls there seems to be a whole world. One just waiting to be explored. Just beyond those city walls is a world of possibility.

This brings me to an important point of how, hopefully, from reading this blog you will be inspired to go beyond the “city walls” in your life. All around are these walls, made by society, by reality, by yourself that keep you from the vibrance and brilliance of your dreams. Dare to imagine. Dare to be. Dare to believe that you can have just anything you want in the world and be just anyone you want to be. The world beyond the city walls has been waiting for you all along, my friend, because you are it’s maker and with you comes to color of your imagination.

So take a deep breathe, forget everything else, because the world beyond the city walls calls.

All images belong to sonikabaking

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9 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond

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  2. I found this when I was looking at the “Beyond” themed photo – I love your photo and your writing. What a great thought “the world beyond the city walls have been waiting for you all along” is. :)

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